Cooling Tub

New to the Cave?

Following is a list of basic sauna etiquette you should become familiar with. These rules and suggestions help maintain a safe and enjoyable environment.
•    Please take your shoes off and keep your voices low once you enter the building as this is a place of relaxation.
•    Please turn your cell phone off the moment you enter the building; this ensures everyone’s privacy in the change room and                     peaceful experience.
•    There are lockers in the changing rooms. Please lock up any valuables.
•    Please abstain from wearing perfume as the hot temperature amplifies odors.
•    If you smell of alcohol or cigarettes then you will be asked to leave the spa.
•    We request that you bring a towel and a chlorine free bathing suit. Towels will also be available for rental.
•    Please wear the sauna wrap provided upon entering the sauna, nudity will not be permitted.
•    Please take a quick shower before entering the sauna.
•    Please be mindful of others and keep your time in the locker room to a minimum.
•    Please use the handrail when going up the stairs, and use caution when walking as the floors can be slippery.
•    Please arrive well hydrated, eat lightly 2-3 hours prior sauna, and drink plenty of water during and after your treatment. 
•    If you begin to feel sick during your visit, please notify personnel immediately.

At your first visit please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to fill out a form and ensure that the sauna treatments are a suitable therapy for you.


WHAT Should you BRING?

Upon arriving at The Cave, Sauna Day Spa you will be provided with a robe, a wrap, a lock and a pair of slippers.
Please bring your own bathing suit and towel. The Cave is a co-ed facility, and wraps or bathing suits are mandatory.

Sauna benefits

While relaxing in sauna, body is doing hard work to:

  • Rid the body of waste products and flush toxins
  • Relieve minor aches to chronic pain conditions
  • cleanse the skin
  • improve respiratory performance
  • relieve stress and promote relaxation
  • burn calories
  • help fight illness and boosts immune system

Spa Policies

The Cave, Sauna Day Spa is committed to providing a relaxing atmosphere. The following Spa Policies are intended to enhance everyone’s experience with us.

Liability Policy: All spa guests will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire upon check-in, designed with your well being in mind.
Spa guests must be 16 years of age or older to receive treatment.

Refunds: All Gift Certificates are strictly non-refundable and are not redeemable if lost or stolen.

Privacy Policy: We do believe that every client has the right to privacy and confidentiality. Under no circumstance do we disclose information about you or resell any information collected through this site. Your health history forms are confidential.
Client lists and email lists are confidential. We do not share our client lists with outside companies.
Financial information is used to bill you for products and services. We do not share your financial information with outside parties, other than our bank and credit card transaction service.

Other Tips For Your Visit: Please do not bring valuables with you; we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.